Full Moon in Libra: Musings for Soulful Creatives

9Apr-APMM-Libra One of the most amazing gifts I've received from learning about astrological wisdom with an open mind is how it has helped me understand - and therefore better relate to - the people in my life.

Of course, this means going *way* beyond Sun sign, reductionistic cookie-cutter horoscope entertainment, and into a more profound mystery of nuance, diversity, possibility and motivation.

I have found it to be so very meaningful, effective... and like balm to the heart.

And this notion of how we relate to one another, how we build fairness, rapport and connection... well, that is what Libra is all about. And with this full moon, we may be feeling strong inclinations to break old habits in those areas, too.

This month’s Full Moon is Tuesday, April 11 (2017) at 2:08am EDT in the sign of LIBRA ♎︎

And here is the audio musing to add to your inspiration for connecting with this Full Moon + Libra in your self-reflective and creative practices... Enjoy!

[audio mp3="https://www.halikarla.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/LibraFullMoon-APMM.mp3"][/audio]

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Wishing you light, love & discovery on this Full Moon.