Full Moon in Scorpio: Musings for Soulful Creatives

Creative practice musing for the Full Moon in SCORPIO - journaling invitation - free audio available at Hali Karla Arts or on itunes Things feeling a little intense in your world?

Stuff rising to the surface... or beckoning you in to deep places to acknowledge honest or hard truths, or what has been hidden or buried... or that which you'd rather not see?

Scorpio is charming like that... a mysterious invitation to board the train of honest psychological complexity and wholeness on the journey of passionate and organic transformation. A journey that says trust your instincts, tap into the available focus and dive in deep... with an appropriate lens and the flow of creative energy to accompany you.

Do not be afraid... this is a blessed, honored invitation of living consciously with the depths of growth, healing, feeling and change. It's sacred work, my friends.

This month’s Full Moon is Wednesday, May 10 (2017) at 5:43pm EDT in the sign of SCORPIO ♏︎

Here is the audio musing for connecting with this Full Moon + Scorpio in your self-reflective and creative practices… Enjoy!

[audio mp3="https://www.halikarla.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/ScorpioAPMM-May2017.mp3"][/audio]

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handmade art journal spread, mixed media (Hali Karla Arts)

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Wishing you clarity, passion and healing on this Full Moon.