Free Online Creative Retreat with 16 Teachers :: Join Us

art journaling page peek (Hali Karla) - essential creative energy 16 artist teachers offering guided lessons and invitations into your creative practice and process... at no charge, and to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or studio. A retreat that won't take you far or break the bank... but will rejuvenate and inspire your creative heart, soul and muse. Nothing to lose.

Each teacher will be offering a lesson on the weekend of July 8-9 - you can enjoy just one, or all sixteen like an immersion. There will be special gifts from us teachers as well.

And, just in case that weekend doesn't work for you, or you want more to nurture your creative practice this year, there is an extended/ongoing retreat option, as well.

This brilliant offering is being facilitated by the lovely and inspiring Galia Alena. I'm happy to get to come play, re-center, and activate a little creative energy in my journal with you for my lesson, Essential Energy.

Art Is Magic FREE Online Creative Retreat with 16 artist teachers and lots of goodness - come sign up!


You can read a more about the three offerings I'm making to the program right here... or you can just head over and learn about ALL of the gorgeous goodness at the beautiful Art Is Magic site - where you can sign up to join in.

I do hope you'll join us, loves! It's always good to keep our practice fresh with new perspectives and connection with creative kindreds.


(Full disclosure: I am an affiliate for the extended retreat option. If you sign up through one of my links, at no extra cost to you, you will be supporting Hali Karla Arts as well - thanks much!)