Full Moon in Taurus: Musings for Soulful Creatives

What makes something real? Being able to feel it, see it, hear it, touch it? Something more than our conventional sense of the senses? Something beyond the measurable and palpable, perhaps... yet not discounting the truth of one's physical senses either.

What does it mean to own something? Do we ever really own any thing at all? Ideas about ourselves, roles or labels we take on, possessions we acquire or make... what if we move beyond our cultural ideas of ownership, or notions of earning and entitlement, just a bit, into a perspective that widens the gates to a view of innate worth, abundance, and where + how our values speak into the living, manifesting landscape of our lives and relationships.

What does it mean to let yourself be comfortable... really accepted... in this body of an animal that you are, while learning what it means to be human?

These are some of the ideas I reflect on in this month's Full Moon Creative Practice musing and invitation. And it's funny, but even my voice, pace and language feels a bit simpler and more gently paced in this one... and that's right in line with the tone of Taurus, shining bright in this month's Full Moon... with the light of the season's Scorpio Sun.

For those of us on the eastern side of the states...

This month’s Full Moon is Saturday, November 4 (2017) at 1:23am EDT in the sign of TAURUS ♉︎

Here is this month’s free audio musing for the Full Moon in Taurus…

[audio mp3="https://www.halikarla.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/APMM-TaurusFullMoon2017.mp3"][/audio]

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A wonderful way to paint with the sensual energy of Taurus is to put the brushes aside and get your hands and fingers in the process. To feel how your imagination and impulses translate from the ethereal/mental realm to the palpable expression through materials.

Or, if you're a journaler, what if you wrote in your journal with a clipped feather, old school fountain pen and ink - or a paintbrush? This slows things down. Words become less... and there is economy in the use of language to express what is. Depth has time to percolate and reveal more solidly.

May your Full Moon weekend be filled with wisdom, beauty, truth, laughter and love... the kind you can touch, see, hear, taste, smell and sense in your very cells.

With heart, Hali

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