My DIY Monthly Planner | Something from the Studio 1 (new video)

My DIY mixed-media Monthly Planner for 2018 - a peek and video in my traveler's notebook, handmade calendars, and bullet journaling In the spirit of sharing something a little different, and switching up how I share (a necessity for me and my creative energy and rhythms)... I hit record and made a video the other night while finishing up a handmade 2018 monthly calendar for my traveler's notebook planner. Just in case you could use an idea or two to make your daily planning your own, heading into the 2018.

In the studio, I've been putting together the exploration schedule for IN THE STARS 2018 - using a huge wall calendar and post-its, so I can visualize everything - and it is time to put it all into the calendar I carry with me.

And, yes... I *know* about digital calendars. I've tried... but they just drive me nuts and don't work for my mile-a-minute brain. I need to feel the calendar in my hands, and engage with my work and life planning once a week these days. So I find that the traveler's notebook and a simple bullet journaling process help ground me, with freedom on the page, space for change, and just the right dose of structure.

HERE is a visual swipe-through post of the simple process of making my monthly planner with some scrap art from my hubby, and scrap paper + a handmade undated monthly template + my sewing machine.

And here's the video from my YouTube channel as I share about making it, and how I fill it in and use it, plus a few peeks at my traveler's notebook and thoughts on my planning process... just a little Something From the Studio...

Mentioned in the video:

My preferred TN size is A5 (approx. 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in) I tend to use a letter size paper (8.5”x11”) trimmed to 8.25”x11”, folded in half to make my own cahiers, with my covers cut to 8.25”x 11.5”, folded in half. I fold them all before sewing to set the middle crease, and use binder clips to hold them in place when running through my sewing machine.


I *love* my A5 Leather Traveler’s Notebook from Leather Quill Shop on Etsy:

In my TN and on my monthly planner, I use(d):

black Sharpie pens: Zebra mildliners for color-coding: Matte gel medium: white gel pens: Posca paint pens:

My DIY mixed-media Monthly Planner for 2018 - with video about my traveler's notebook, bullet journaling and making your own monthly calendar

I plan to record and share Something from the Studio from time to time, moving forward. Seem a bit vague? I know. It's intentionally like that right now, though... I like staying open to sharing glimpses of the various things I'm doing and part of, and what's on my mind as I'm in my own creative practice, while keeping it more casual and organic, and seeing where it leads.

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