Give A Girl A Journal - Why, How, and A Bit of My Story (video)

sharing my life-long experience with journaling for Jamie Ridler's Give A Girl A Journal initiative It's one of those things I guess I've taken for granted. But you will rarely find me without some form of journal within arm's length. I've been like that as long as I can remember.

When I leave the house, one goes in my purse; when I travel, I take more than I need (working on that); when I go to bed, one... or three... come to the bedside table with me for an evening ritual or ... just in case. And let's not forget that somehow it has become part of my life's work - to share creative journaling with others as they develop and explore their own practice.

I'm giggling a bit, because that sounds a bit consuming and obsessive, I suppose - but journaling has truly been one of the greatest, consistent gifts of my life. One that I gravitate toward, and that is always there for me... through so much joy, sadness, healing, exploration, creative journeying, and more.

When my friend Jamie Ridler announced her Give A Girl A Journal initiative, and then asked me to share some of my experience with journaling in my life, it was an easy YES.

Because I *know* what journaling can give a girl, on so many levels - creatively and for the soul.

I like what they say over at Jamie's project site, too:

With a journal, every girl has the opportunity to discover her own way of expressing herself. She has the chance to hear her own voice, to have an open and honest conversation with her own heart. In her journal, a girl can discover who she is.

The ‘Give a Girl a Journal’ movement is about giving all girls a chance to be who they are, to be creative and to express themselves, all in their very own journal.


When I hit record to share my story, I didn't know exactly what was going to come out, but it was a chance to really reflect on how powerful journaling has been in my life. And what a reliable companion it has been to me through the years, present and safe for me in ways no one and nothing else could be.

Here's what I shared about my own eclectic journaling experience over the years:

Give A Girl A Journal is an opportunity to sponsor a girl to receive a journal, OR to nominate a a girl that you feel would benefit from the project.

Head over to Give A Girl A Journal to share your own story, learn more, and support this beautiful initiative from Jamie Ridler.