Holistic Creative Chat with Asia Suler

Holistic Creative Chat with Herbalist and Writer, Asia Suler I'm super excited to share today's guest - she is an herbalist, writer and teacher right here in the beautiful Asheville area - the passionate, heart-centered and wise, Asia Suler.

I have to confess, we haven't met in person yet, but word around town is that she is a fantastic teacher - and I know she is certainly inspiring with all she brings into the world online and off.

Grab a cuppa tea and maybe a journal to doodle in, and join us as we chat about wholeness, taking creative time for stillness and in nature, and healing...

You can visit Asia RIGHT HERE.

Asia’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Bedrock: Developing a Relationship with the Transformational Medicine of Land

Land is our first medicine. Whether you live in the valleys of Appalachia or on the top floor of a Manhattan skyline you are, at every moment, heralded and held by the land. From the site of your birth, to the rich earth that will cradle your bones, the land around you will be offering a perennial invitation— to take root and grow.  Throughout our lives each one of us will be brought to places, not only by opportunity or instinct, but by the unique voice of the land itself. Land is not only a provider of food or sustenance; it is an initiator for truly grounded transformation. We must only heed the soil-deep siren song. When we can take time to stop and listen to the land, to honor the physical places of our lives, then the many layers of who we are and what exactly it means to be here can be revealed.

In this intimate experience we’ll explore the meditative tools and medicine-making practices that can help us forge an even deeper level of communication with the land around us. Through a guided meditation and ritual, we’ll explore the bedrock of land-based transformation and invite further understanding of the unique personality, and power, of any given place. Incorporating elements from the practice of flower essence creation and Daoist stone elixirs, this course will guide you to make your very own Land Essence, a medicinal elixir prepared from the healing heart of your most vital land base.

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

Intuitive plant altar  by Asia


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