Holistic Creative Chat with Julie Gibbons

free Holistic Creative Chat with artist and mandala maven Julie Gibbons - come listen in while you art journal Today's guest just brings the biggest smile to my face and heart - artist, creative entrepreneur and self-proclaimed Mandala Magic Geometer, Julie Gibbons. My response to this whole conversation internally was, yes yes yes.

So hit play and listen in while Julie shares her wisdom and inspiration around the question who am i? + getting clear inside one's self, celebrating others and the feminine approach to when you have lots of creative ideas...


You can visit Julie RIGHT HERE.

Julie’s workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

The Encircled Self

A mandala journey to the sacred heart of you, this workshop invites you to undertake an artful self-discovery quest from the comfort of your creative space! We shall begin by creating the most basic of all mandalas, the circle, and bring it into physical form by way of a mandala disc. Our next task will be to seek out our symbolic nature by means of some journaling, before weaving this colourful fabric back into the welcoming embrace of the mandala. Completing our adventure together, we will activate the mandala magic in some unexpected ways.

by Julie


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