holistic creative chat with Connie Hozvicka!

art This week's Holistic Creative Chat has me feeling all soft and gooey inside... there is laughter, a spontaneous BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, questions about just what a healer is anyway, thoughts on energy and integration, and the rising of tears in our conversation.

Yet, why it has me feeling all soft inside really has to do with this: You know how they say that when you are ready, a teacher will appear? That's what happened for me when life led me to 21 Secrets and Dirty Footprints Studio years ago. Connie didn't intend to be a teacher in my life exactly - I didn't even know I was looking for one per se. But the resonance I felt was deep, and what she shares so generously in her offerings led me to the healing I needed at the time, waiting to be discovered in my own heart and dedicated creative practice.

We don't ever have to claim the title Artist or Healer or Teacher if we don't want to. That doesn't really matter at all. But there is something that works through us, to touch and inspire others on their journeys of transformation, when we are committed to coming into alignment with our truth and unique expression in this world, again and again.

Connie Hozvicka delivers just this sort of energy, guidance, and vision...

You can visit Connie at Dirty Footprints Studio RIGHT HERE!