Tender and Naked

by Hali Karla Tender spirits, we are. Everyone of us. Strong, resilient, dynamic and tender.

Yesterday in my mentoring program, Embody You, we had the first round of journal reflection work. In short, the women I'm working with send me glimpses of what feels pertinent to them from their daily written journal practice. Our focus together is the creative process and establishing a creative practice that is unique to them, holistic and sustainable - and yet it is inevitable that snippets of how they are processing life become entwined in their journaling... and really, this is the aim, after all - seeing and working with the integration. Sharing private journal entries in this way is a very vulnerable act.

And yesterday, as I responded to each of them, I found myself feeling again the vulnerability that can come with witnessing and reflecting honest response as well.

We are tender when we allow ourselves to be seen, open for response from another. We are tender again when we allow ourselves to see another and respond from truth and love. Tender and naked and courageously alive.