Holistic Creative Chat with Gretchen Miller!

Art and photo by Gretchen Miller  

This week's guest is one of the kindest, most heartcentered, community-minded Art Therapists I've ever met: Gretchen Miller! And I have to tell you a quick little story about Gretchen that she may not know either - because I put two and two together AFTER we recorded this chat.

Several years back, Gretchen was one of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop teachers, and she offered a workshop where we created a sort of affirmation / vision journal for ourselves. Well, it just so happens that was the year that I began to make art again, after years away from my creative practice. Purchasing 21 Secrets for myself was the very first step back into making art for me. Her workshop was a key piece in my healing journey, a commitment to myself - long before I knew who Gretchen was or that we would have the chance to connect more personally. I still have the chipboard journal I made that year - it reminds me of finding my practice again by coming home to me.

Don't ya just love how connections happen sometimes? And circle back around in ways we never imagine?!

Gretchen transmits the essence of holistic creativity by helping others get right into the part where the healing happens organically - in the doing of it, in the process.

Our chat about Gretchen's personal practice led right into thoughts about safety, trauma, and comfort care. So grab a cup of your favorite [stuff] and join us as we explore how these issues relate to creative expression...

You can visit Gretchen Miller RIGHT HERE!