Holistic Creative Chat with Jen Trulson

Free interview with Holistic Creative + Life Coach Jen Trulson Chatting with today's guest was a delight in so many ways. Jen Trulson takes the Holistic Creative chats into reflection about curiosity, the power of surprise and Stillness as creative source and sanctuary.

Grab a cuppa, maybe a journal to move some color or line around, and listen in...

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Surrender to Surprise

Your purpose is to be happy and experience joy. Yet this crazy life comes with more—crisis, accomplishments, sadness, celebration, anger, bliss, messes, magic, and everything in between and outside of that. Prepare to be guided on a sacred and magical journey, back home, to you. This simple practice can become a daily ritual. Greet each day with wonder and welcome surprise. And so it is.

photo by Jen

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