Holistic Creative Chat with Jessica Brogan

Interview with Holistic Creative Jessica Leigh Brogan on being an artist, writer, single mama, and not giving up on your dreams It's time for another Holistic Creative Chat - with Jessica Leigh Brogan, published mixed media artist, writer, and single mama. When we chatted, Jessica and I just dove right into that beautiful truth she is living - of being a single-mama artist AND committed to not giving up your creative dreams in the day-to-day rhythms and responsibilities of parenting.

We're happy you're listening in, and hope you find some inspiration and sense of connection for your creative journey as well...

You can visit Jessica RIGHT HERE.

Jessica's workshop for the 2015 SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

Your Focus/Filters Flipbook

In this workshop, we will be cultivating two distinct practices: mixed media style, as well as  introspective, self-reflection work. The mixed media aspect will culminate in a beautiful altered book that reflects your burgeoning mixed media style. The efforts of your reflective work will be captured within. You will learn my intuitive, messy-with-purpose style, and come away with a sense of freedom with creating mixed media spreads.

For the structure and reflective portion of the workshop, we will be turning our focus to the lives we keep outside of our creativity. Many of our favorite workshops and classes focus on our creative practice, which is wonderful. This workshop applies our creative practice to the rest of our lives! Working with prompts, you will determine the focuses and foundations of a happy, cultivated life in all other areas. We will be coming up with specific mantras and guidelines for the life you want to lead beyond your creativity (though these often align perfectly with your creative practice!). The answers will be housed in a dedicated, gorgeous book that you can return to, monthly, weekly, daily - as needed.

(There are 24 other inspiring teachers for Spectrum this year as well!)

detail of art journal by Jessica Leigh Brogan, click through for an interview with her on living a holistic creative life as artist, writer and single mama


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