Holistic Creative Chat with Julie Daley

free Holistic Creative interview with Julie Daley Creativity catalyst, writer and transformational artist & coach, Julie Daley, is this week's guest for our Holistic Creative Chats. We touch on embodiment, death as a creative part of life, and remembering our essence, as we talk about the two ideas found in every chat: the rhythms of creative practice and the dynamics of healing.

In my personal opinion, Julie exemplifies Wise Woman, living~breathing~becoming, and it became even more evident to me after sharing this time with her that honoring sacred creative energy is the pulse behind how she shows up to life and others.

I am beyond honored and joyful to get to share this conversation with you...


You can visit Julie RIGHT HERE.

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How to Enter the Creative Unknown, the Sacred Temple Within

Starting is one of the hardest parts of creating. But when you have a way in to this space of the creative unknown, starting is much easier and can even be pleasurable and centering. I’ll guide you across the threshold into the creative unknown within you, the sacred temple within from which your creativity flows. You are creative. It’s your nature, your birthright. And, when you enter with reverence, you reveal the elegant nature of your own Soul.

photo by Julie Daley, click to hear interview with her on holistic creativity

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