Holistic Creative Chat with Stephanie Gagos

Listen to a free chat with artist and healing guide Stephanie Gagos This week's Holistic Creative is an artist who has personal experience finding and exploring healing through her own intuitive, creative process -  and now spends time helping others do the same through her online offerings. I first became aware of Stephanie Gagos and her work back when I first started blogging, and was interested in how she articulated about her own healing journey - because we shared some similar childhood stories and she was brave in her telling.

Stephanie is not afraid to sit with or talk about the dark stuff that a creative practice can stir up... and honors this as part of honest growth and realizing one's own light.

So grab a cuppa and maybe your journal to doodle in while you listen in and get to know her a bit more...

You can visit Stephanie RIGHT HERE.

Join Stephanie for her workshop in this year’s SPECTRUM Holistic Creative Circle ::

A Call to Art and Healing: Reclaiming the Lost Child through the Power of Yes

We come into the world open, ready, absorbing everything around us. We come in with a huge force of YES. Unfortunately many of us found ourselves lost and wounded in childhood in some way.  Healing is about coming home to our original life force, our primary yes to life. In this workshop, we will take a healing journey through art journaling and writing, exploring loss in childhood and reclaiming a piece of our yes to life.  Reclaiming our vital energy is the key to healing. Doing so allows the hurts of the past to be met with love and life.  We will use intuitive painting and other tools to access these parts of ourselves, bring healing and create a new story.

by Stephanie

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