Swimming Softly With Imagination {Art Practice Moon Magic, March Journal Pages}

mixed media altered book art journal (Hali Karla)mar31aj3 mixed media altered book art journal (Hali Karla)


These art journal pages are just a few of the many I created this past month. I shared quite a few others in Essence, too.

Moments of awareness seem full these days, with shifting energies, and it could be so easy to forget or neglect to let my imagination flow free for a few moments here and there... but I am grateful that I kept coming to the pages and paint in the midst of it.

My creative practice holds it all, with space and grace and the medicine of fortitude when necessary.

On the page, the faces and stories that come alive are often unexpected. Especially in times when ordinary life seems to be zipping by.

And sometimes, my imagination simply needs my practice to be palpable, tangible and simple... unrecognizable... unprofound... unfinished... unpromising... and, somehow, not so surprisingly, it is a very, very safe place for my soul in that way.

We all need that kind of space, to just be and see from time to time, don't you think?