a strange page in my altered book and thoughts on process

mixed-media altered book art journal spread - detail (Hali Karla) mixed-media altered book art journal spread - detail (Hali Karla)

mixed-media altered book art journal spread - detail (Hali Karla)

strange mixed-media altered book art journal spread (Hali Karla)

The thing about making intuitive, or process-oriented art, is that you never know what you're going to get by the time it's complete. Like this spread... which is just... strange.

That red! I'm not sure that the depths of that red side are usual territory for my visual language. It started with red that was already on the print of the altered book page... and I just let it lead the way.

And the symbolic orbs or auras of colored circular layers on the left... well they just started with a mark-making movement that felt good to my sleepy, tight arm muscles when I was loosening up with my supplies.

I started this page while on an art-meet-up call with participants in my program, In the Stars. We were chatting about Uranus and life and being true to one's individuality, I believe - and some of us were moving color around.

It's one of my favorite ways to come to the page... a bit on automatic, or even slightly... distracted... at times.

I am a big proponent of getting present, and really being all-in with an activity, too.

But sometimes, a little counter-intuitively perhaps, we have to not take the focus or practice quite so seriously. A little less focus and caring and trying, and a little more being in the body - working with what's in front of you without over-thinking, can actually help initiate the flow of spontaneity. And surprise. And something that we are not in utter conscious control of creating.

While it may not have the most apparent meaning or sense of connection or ego-ic satisfaction to our conscious minds or aesthetic tastes, it can carry that curious touch of risk, mystery and creative liberation.

An artifact of living creative process on the page.