when the power went out and everything stopped

detail of an intuitive mandala, mixed-media (Hali Karla) From my journal the other night:

The power went out tonight. Rains and wind pushing up into the mountains from the Sea. They call Her Irma this time.

I had so little energy today. The familiar restless hunger poking me from within... the winds are changing again. And I'm so tired, I resist not knowing another direction to settle on.

Even though it is in the very Mystery, how I have always come home to refresh and re-member, that is.

The power went out tonight. No more work could be done, or undone. No more worry worth precious energy, leaking. Just candle-light quiet and the drip-drops on windowsills, from gutters Critters scurrying in the walls (!) Dark peace upon the neighborhood Even the traffic was hushed.

Our little family gathered on a round rug, remembering what matters, for a moment that was deliciously long, in soft shared tones.

The power went out tonight. And I felt Alive again With presence and prayers.


It's been a strange week. Here, there and everywhere.

When the power went out the other night, I gave myself permission to not blog-along daily, despite my initial intentions for this month...because... well, honestly, I feel so much more alive when I limit my screen and device time these days. And I have a good amount of computer time already, behind-the-scenes, making content for my students and connecting with clients.

I just noticed how I felt so very *good* when the power went out and everything stopped for a bit, and then moved so very slowly in response to the day's natural darkness.

I had such peace inside.

Sometimes, I have been known to daydream about living without electric lights as it gets dark in the evening... it speaks to something wild in me that knows the wiser rhythms of life.... Anyone else ever feel that ache?

So, I will keep blogging from time to time - because I do enjoy it when I keep it more laid back... just not quite daily. Daily, I will be writing in my journal with good old pen and paper... maybe even to candlelight.

Sometimes it's good to try a practice, like the blog-along, and then adjust to find our own fit and needs, you know? It really is OK to not do all the things. To slow down. To take things off the list, whether we complete them or not.

To turn the power off sometimes, by choice... and spend a little more time in the rich warmth of who and what matters most in your creative life, listening to the wind.