we all have an inner trouble-maker

detail of an intuitive birth chart mandala by Hali Karla We all have an inner trouble-maker.

Sometimes the trouble we make is just for trouble's sake (not always a good idea)... and other times it's about a process of being true to your self, to a higher truth that you carry or sense and seek. Something that can only be found in the experience of visiting unknown territory.

I was chatting about this sort of thing with my In The Stars program participants today, on a class call. Our anchor for the discussion and exploration of ideas was the symbolic energy of the planet Uranus and the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Astrology is a beautiful holistic framework of language, metaphor and archetype into the gateways of psyche, relationship and human complexity.

We each get to work with all the planets, and all the signs, and what they bring to the rich landscape of human life as we know it... including that inner trouble-maker energy. Or... the Awakener. The trickster. The Outsider or misfit, with just a little bit (or a lot) of visionary originality that is tapped into a bigger, collective, or forward-thinking sort of genius.

We all come with a touch of Uranian spirit to our selves and the generation we were born into, as well as some of that electric and intriguing Aquarian style and tone.

It's undoubtedly a creative energy, I feel - to rebel, resist, or experiment with expressions of transformation and truth, to cause 'trouble' to other's perceptions or ideas of normal and acceptable. To question. Beliefs, thoughts, methods, order and assumptions. To move toward the unpredictable but exciting+electric shifts and reformations that, to do so, can make us feel... very restless, uncomfortable, or even pain in the process.

That's the nature of the shock and shake-up that comes with a little trouble-making and the process of individuation.

What gives momentum to this energy is this little knowing inside that we can be better than what we are, we can realize and create more than we have, and initiate change for a bigger purpose than our own personal comforts. That there is a 'next' stage of development calling us forth, no matter how far we've come, if only we will remember to not betray ourselves for others in the process of living in this world.

It asks us that the we break free from restraint, and rouse the rebel. That we desert stagnant, outdated, and imposed convention - despite what everyone thinks.

If we don't co-create with the inner trouble-maker, using our individual eccentricities and quarks as strengths, s/he will shock us into new territories or ways, whether we like it or not.

So, I say, practice makes progress. Right? And the creative process is a great playground of practice - for liberated mischievous exploration and all it evokes within - as well as an awareness tool and strength builder with our archetypal energies and instincts.

So take some risks, experiment more, make a little trouble in your art. Stretch those muscles. Shock yourself and see what comes of it. Do the thing you don't 'let' yourself do.

Liberate your rebellious, unpredictable expression from the shackles of whatever ideas and rules that others - or you - have imposed on your instincts, intuition, and ways of showing up, connecting, sharing and creating.

While it's often quite uncomfortable, it's also re-vitalizing, and you just might get a little glimpse and tap into your higher creative nature (and future self), through experiencing the new possibilities and perceptions that arise.

That part of you and who you are here to be(come) when you allow your self to be free to be You.