In The Stars 2018: Early-Bird Registration Is Open

mixed-media art journal spread made IN THE STARS (creative practice + astrology with Hali Karla) Last week, registration for IN THE STARS 2018 officially opened - and spots are now being filled with those signing up at the limited-time early-bird rate (good until November 1).

I'm so excited for the newcomers who will be taking the journey to explore their personal astrological birth chart alongside and within their reflective and creative practice!

And what is really just causing my heart to overflow with even more love - is how many of my 2017 participants are returning for the second voyage IN THE STARS with me next year.

I am so thrilled to come back to the “Stars”in 2018! I am so happy you are offering it again. I am thoroughly enjoying my journey this year & have learned so much about myself and my creative practice! - 2017 participant

IN THE STARS is an inspiring exploration for a soulful, creative or art journaling practice, that is personalized through the relationship you develop along the way with your very own birth chart.

The 12-month program comes not only with gently paced, in-depth lessons and prompts on the symbolism of the zodiac signs, astrological houses, planetary archetypes and the relationships between them in *your* chart - but also guided Creative Practice Invitations each month, as well.

mixed-media art journal spread made IN THE STARS (creative practice + astrology with Hali Karla)

Each of the following themes for our exploration centers around a core placement in your chart…

1 :: Shining True & Through 2 :: Mirrors, Mysteries & Intuition 3 :: Mischief, Stories & Perceptions 4 :: In Love, Beauty & Creation 5 :: emPower & Protect 6 :: Uplift, Beyond Limits 7 :: The long-haul: Focus & Great Works 8 :: Wake Up & Break Free, True-To-You 9 :: Fly High: Spirit & Dreams 10 :: Power, Shadows & The Persistent Unconscious 11 :: Initiating Healing & The Key of Connection 12 :: Going From Here: Your Evolutionary Journey

Over the course of the journey, we begin to unfold, reveal and discover the layers and relationships between the themes as well - making this a truly holistic lens and framework to explore ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we show up in the world.

I had some fun making this short video about the program, with a negative filter on one of my birth-chart mandalas in-process:


There are lots of NEW features and lessons coming in the 2018 exploration, as well - including 4 new guest contributors (plus, one returning).

Guest contributors (with Hali Karla) for IN THE STARS 2018!

The 2018 guest contributors on the schedule so far are pictured above with me: M. Ruth McCants, PhD (astrologer & musician), Sandra "Sunny" Mosley (astrologer & mandala artist), Whinnie Calhoun Slattery (biologist plant teacher, artist & astrology student), Kiala Givehand (bookbinder, art journaler & astrology student), and April Miller McMurtry (artist & founder of The Moon is My Calendar).

Each will be bringing a special lesson or offering to the program to inspire and enhance the journey. They've all been part of the 2017 program, as well... which is a big reason why I wanted to have them come back - but this time to share some of their special gifts, wisdom and insights.

In December 2017, we will begin with a special lesson from Kiala - as she guides us in making our very own (optional) handmade Book of Stars to accompany our journaling practices. It will be perfect for you to add to as you explore, as a keepsake documenting important discoveries and insights about *your* personal placements.

ALSO - Everyone who signs up to join us before the end of the year, will automatically be entered in a giveaway drawing I'm holding, as well - for either a birth chart or transit reading with me, or two customized, intuitive birth chart mandalas (perfect for you and a spouse, friend or child, or as a gift to an art-loving loved one).

You can read all the details, learn more and reserve your seat to join us IN THE STARS RIGHT HERE.

And do let me know if you have any questions about the program!

participant mixed-media art journal pages from IN THE STARS with Hali Karla