Two Holistic-Creative Programs to Choose From: Making Art Medicine and Spectrum

Two inspiring programs for creative practice: Making Art Medicine dives into soulful mixed-media practice with Hali Karla, and Spectrum 2016 is a holistic-creative {art} journaling workshop guided by 45 teachers. Registration open! I get asked two main questions about my online programs pretty consistently these days...

The first is:

Can I still join in, and if so, how long do I have access?

The answer is YES!

Making Art Medicine sessions have scheduled release dates this year. You can buy one session or all three. Once the content is posted and live, you have ongoing, unlimited access to the ecourse content to work at your own pace and re-visit as you please, even after the session is over.

Spectrum has begun, with a 22 week journey of releasing the content from our 45 teachers... and can I just say that the energy has been fantastic so far this year! The response and support, both behind the scenes and in the facebook group has been rich, inspiring and fun. You can join in for Spectrum until November 30 this year, and access to the content is guaranteed through 2017... so again, you can totally match your pace in the program to fit your life. And you are always right on time, whenever you join in!

So, YES, you can join in, even if we've already begun - and there's no rush, so if you need to save up, save up.

The second question I get is:

What is the difference between these two programs?

Or, a variation: Which one is right for me?

I think I take this one for granted, because I work so closely on both programs, and the driving vision for each is similar at its core.

Here's the easiest answer:

In Spectrum, you get 45 amazing teachers. 45! Each is offering something a little different for your journaling and holistic living awareness. There is art-making, writing, meditations, interviews, invitations. It is a great way to explore lots of ideas, including the idea of creative practice, to develop your own, add some fresh ideas to an existing one, and play with integrating a holistic-creative perspective into how you approach your personal development, life and relationships.

Making Art Medicine is more of a soulful immersion into your mixed-media creative practice, guided by me. This year we are working with portraiture (Essence), land- and dream-scape (Origin), and intuitive abstraction and spontaneous expression (Impulse). We combine lots of hands-on art-making practice with optional reflective work to deepen your relationship with your unique creative process. My style of guiding is both playful and contemplative - that's just how I roll. And the emphasis is on inviting you into fresh perspectives for developing a creative practice that reveals, celebrates and expands how you see and engage - in life and art. Each session is five weeks, with the chance to meet-up and receive feedback from me during that time.

I can't say which one you will personally like better, but I hope those explanations help you find the right energetic fit for your creative practice right now.

OR - like many others, you can join me in both!